May. Where to even begin. Our last month just the 3 of us. Although, this baby is already apart of our family, I know it'll be different when he/she is actually here with us. We had a super busy month with something each weekend besides one. Which made it feel like we blinked and here we are, baby month!

Along with preparing to welcome baby #2, we had another big transition in our house. We switched G to a toddler bed. It's been about 2 weeks and it's been a hard transition for us all. It's felt like we've had a newborn in our house- we all are going on very little sleep. It has been a test in parenting patience to be on such little sleep and to help encourage the transition, but to not push it either. I think we figured it would be a bit of work because he really was fine in his crib and we only moved him because we thought we should do it now rather than when the baby really does need the crib. Talk about a humbling experience to sleep on your toddler's floor at 37 weeks pregnant because they are scared. Hoping we turn a corner soon.

We've spent every moment we can outdoors in the beautiful weather. Enjoyed hanging out with new friends from the Mom's group, too. Here is a little video below of what our May looked like. :)



Dear baby,

The countdown is on. I am in that pregnancy phase where I want to meet you, but I'm also loving being pregnant and I know I will miss it. Motherhood is a crazy ride of emotions. I don't think your brother will know what to do with me when I don't have this belly for him to sit on. He is getting excited to 'help' change your diapers and 'help' feed you. You have already filled our family with so much happiness & love- may you never forget the gift that you are.

Just some tid-bits for me to remember:
-Feeling more tired.
-Still doing daily walks
-Have to move a certain way to see Grayson when he comes up to me.
-Belly has dropped a lot.
-Getting a lot of those crazy pregnancy stares people give you when you are this pregnant.
-Super active in there (& head down as of last week, but probably before that.)
-Took my wedding rings off just to be safe.
-For being a little more tired, I really feel so great.

I know this post is a little all over the place, but that's really what my head feels like right now. We are literally giddy at the thought of meeting you so soon. Just so thankful.



34 weeks.

35 weeks

Yes, I am getting good use of these two dresses. :) You will probably see them again at some point. Dresses are just so much easier at this point in my pregnancy.

I am feeling really great, and I pray that continues until baby comes. I have enjoyed this pregnancy & every thing that has come with it. Such a complete honor to carry life inside of me.
With Grayson at this point I was still working and commuting 1.5 hours to work. It really wore on me and my body. I think towards the end of his I was just ready. I also think having a toddler + a warm season have a lot to do with it, too. I have been so active chasing G around that I feel like I've blinked and here we are!  

& now for some random tid-bits that only I probably care about ;)

I still have my rings on, but I think with the warmer weather sticking around, my time with them is coming to an end. Ugh, I hate taking them off. I don't have any swelling in hands or feet yet, but today and tomorrow are 90 degrees, so I'll get back to you on that!

I have been picking up my daily nap again while G naps and it is GLORIOUS. Every time I lay down at night the baby gets hiccups, it never fails. Lots of big movement from this one and I can tell he or she is running out of room in there. I am going to the bathroom at least once during the night. Sleep hasn't been that bad. I had a couple restless nights, but I think it was more the heat in the house than anything. Lastly, I would say I am craving greasy food/sweet food. It's not all the time, but it hits me and I need it now. :)



We've been in our house for a couple months now and have been working hard to make it ours. Probably working a little too hard, but you live and learn. A little back story on our house. Once we narrowed down our town, we frantically started searching for homes on the MLS site. We visited one neighborhood that had some more 'cookie cutter homes' in it, but it just didn't feel right. We drove by this one once and instantly fell for it. The house needed some work, both inside and outside. & because we really enjoy a good DIY project, we were totally hooked.

We started to get some more information on the house once we took a tour of it. It had been sitting vacant for about a 1.5 years. Before that, it was a foreclosure. A company came and did a little work to it, but not much and the price was too high for the work that they did. So, by the time we looked at it, they were very eager to sell.

So, this is what the house looked like when G and I took a drive by it to check out the house and the neighborhood.

After we took bushes out and started to mulch + plant some flowers and new bushes!  

Oh, I love this door so much. We still need to paint it, but one thing at a time.

Will putting up the storm door.
After being in the house for a month with the original door, I now realize how much I love storm doors. We get such a great breeze with this one.

These are the two pictures I took of the back of the house when we went to take a tour. Oh the hot tub + bushes galore. This poor house had been so neglected.

Will added the railing to the deck.

Our neighbors helped us take out all of the bushes on the side of our yard. My father-in-law took out the bushes you see in the first pictures that are closest to the house.

Our neighbor took down the tree you see above, too. We get some wonderful light now through our windows.

The back as it is now. We will add some brick around the mulched area. We planted some flowers that will one day, hopefully grow. I can't believe the difference.

Ok, so this is our half bathroom that's on the main level. We were excited about having this bathroom, however, the bathroom itself was so small. You could not put your legs in front of you if you were using the toilet and couldn't stand at the sink with the door closed. It was so weird. We thought maybe the flippers changed this from a closet to a bathroom, but our neighbors told us it has always been a bathroom. Weird.

So, we ripped out the sink and found there was some water damage. Got that all taken care of, and put in the new smaller sink. It's not perfect, but guys, it's 1,000x better. This bathroom is used so much. Especially by my pregnant self. Since this picture above was taken, we have updated all of the hand towel holder and toilet paper holder. We've updated that mirror, too. We also added shelves behind the toilet. Will still has to add some trim around the bottom.

 Above is before.

Above is After.

 All 3 above pictures are before.

I will leave you with the most dramatic transformation thus far. The taking down of the wall. Will told me right when we saw the house that he liked it, but wanted this wall down. I agreed with him- it made the whole house so choppy and blocked so much light from coming in. I also had an ulterior motive. I wanted the carpet out of the dining room gone ASAP. ;)  So, it was a win, win.

What it looks like currently.

The flooring is all down, thankfully. Still some work to with the new beam, ceiling and cabinets, but I have to hand it to my husband and FIL for doing all the work. It was pretty getting to this point, but it looks amazing.
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