The hunt for the perfect Christmas Tree is a serious task. Except, I think they are all perfect, even the ones that are a little unique. :) We decided on one a little smaller this year. For no real reason other than it was the one we both liked! &....hot chocolate was calling our names ;)

   It was cold, but I'll admit we had G a tad overdressed. He was doing the winter waddle. Poor guy really wasn't the happiest. We first thought it was his snow boots, but I tried taking them off seeing if there was something hurting him, and then he got upset at me for doing that. So, come to find out when we got home that his winter coat was irritating one side of his face. It left a little rash.


Almost 12 weeks with baby number #2!

Here are the past years of going to cut down our Christmas tree. 2013 2014 2015

The next day we walked out of Mass and snow was falling down! It was so pretty. We decided to take him out in it before nap time. He didn't really get the hype of the snow and just wanted to play with his trucks. Finally he started pushing his trucks through the snow. Then we had a couple of snow plows pass by and that left him pretty captivated!



Low expectations is basically my motto for parenting... So I'm not really sure why my expectations for these pictures were so high. Maybe because the last two years were so easy. 2014 2015

Not this year....

Our little guy was just not feeling pictures no matter how ridiculous we looked trying to get just one smile out of him. My Mom was here visiting and was able to take some of these- I can only imagine how it would've gone if we would've had to use our tripod like years past. :(

I also want to add that this was the second time we tried to get pictures. The first one ended up in a major meltdown right before Mass.   Lesson learned, lesson learned.

So after about five minutes and literally one smile, we all called it quits and said what we got is what we got. The next weekend my Mom mentioned to me that maybe we should try to do pictures again to see if it goes any better. I laughed and said that shipped has sailed away.....

Until next year...........



Wow...these past 2.5 months have been a serious whirlwind. I haven't updated this space as much as I would like to recently, but life just hasn't allowed that. So, after the Thanksgiving Holiday I am hoping to update a little bit more. :)

I was going to list all the wonderful things I was thankful for throughout this month, but these two are what I'm most thankful for. They bring me so much joy & love.
Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving where ever you are celebrating!



                                                                            4 weeks

                                                                            5 weeks

                                                                                6 weeks
                                                                            7 weeks


"Does Chiptloe deliver??" "I want a donut." "I'm going to get one." "I'm so tired." "Currently napping." "GET ME A CHEESEBURGER!" "I can't open my eyes."

Those are all texts I have sent my husband so far throughout this pregnancy.


Hey there... I wanted to pop in and do a little pregnancy update. Because.. a.) why not b.) I'm not asleep right now. c.) my other baby is sleeping

This pregnancy has been similar in the fact that fatigue has taken over. But, different because I'm craving so many foods. When I was pregnant with G, I didn't crave anything. Of course, that didn't stop me from eating. This pregnancy, I can't stop craving cheeseburgers, greasy food/cheese... basically anything bad. :)  This week though, the thought of cooking raw meat makes me want to gag. Ugh.. so gross.

I also feel like I'm constantly hungry starving. I eat a pretty decent sized breakfast, but no joke, 40 minutes later, my stomach starts rumbling. I am shocked out how quickly I am showing. A little over 8 weeks this week and I'm fully in maternity pants/sweats. I kept trying to squeeze in to my old jeans and was just like, "who am I kidding???"

Each day around 11, my fatigue hits me like a brick. It's so hard to keep my eyes open. Then, around 3, I get a nausea feeling-but haven't gotten sick yet.

Please don't confuse these words with complaining, because it is certainly not lost on me this miraculous gift growing inside of me. We weren't sure if we would experience this again. So, I totally welcome all of symptoms being thrown my way. We are just so thankful for this beautiful life.

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