I am so happy I planned ahead for his birthday. I knew how busy we would be in the weeks leading up to it, so I really did try to prepare as much as possible. Well, Monday morning Will and I both woke up with the stomach bug. It was awful. I was just praying that we would feel better before his birthday, but mostly praying that he didn't catch it! Thankfully, the bug passed and so far (fingers & toes crossed) Grayson hasn't shown any signs of it.

We woke up this morning with a special birthday breakfast! French toast, sausage, strawberries, and a side of trucks ;)

During nap time I got his cake ready. I know this cake isn't award winning in anyway, but I just think the idea is so cute. Obviously he is obsessed with trucks, so when I saw this idea online I knew I had to try and recreate a smaller version of it. I ended up adding a couple more trucks to finish it off.

After nap I had to get a few pictures of the birthday boy in his cute shirt. He was getting mad because he wanted me to join him. He kept saying, "mama sit." So of course I had too, and would you look at that big grin! Don't mind my head accidently got cut off.

You guys! I kid you not. Walking around the corner and seeing his face light up when he saw his very own cake with trucks on top. I literally thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. He was so happy. I crushed up some Oreo cookies around the trucks for pretend dirt. He loved that so much. He blew out his candle started driving his trucks around the cake. The whole thing was just amazing.


Time to open gifts! He wanted to wear everything all at once.

We had such a great day. At first, I felt a little guilty not going anywhere with him, but I was still recovering from the stomach bug Will and I had the day before. Then, as the day went on I just kept realizing how nice it was just to be.

There are no words to adequately express our love for Grayson. Our children's life are the most precious gifts we could ever been given. Happy 2nd Birthday to our first baby!

Some little tidbits about Grayson.

Knows letters- A, B, D,G, N, M, P, O, T, S, V. He will say M for Momma or D for Dadda etc.

Colors- Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Black, White, Gray, Orange. He loves to point out the colors of different semi-trucks and his trucks that he plays with.

Obsessed with Up, Down, On and Off, In and Out

Shapes- Circle, Square, Oval, Star, Heart.

Numbers- Can count to 3 (depending on his mood lol) If we start counting and then stop at say 5, he will say 6.

He knows so many words. 23 months was a big jump in his vocabulary. He started saying sentences with 3 words, he will mock our sentences a lot too. Always talking and repeating.

He has a memory like a steal trap and doesn't forget a thing you say. Cleary obsessed with trucks (& trains. Could read all day long and you will usually have to re-read the same book two or three times before he is done. He is so tall and we often get asked if his 3 :(

He is so observant in every situation. Even when Will and I are talking, he is just watching us and listening to what we are saying. He loves to help, especially with laundry.

We've noticed as his vocabulary has grown, his tantrums have gone down. Don't get me wrong, they are still there, just not as many. Loves to problem solve. Loves to build Legos and magnet tiles.

Sweet, stubborn, funny, observant, smart, always thinking.



Both my Dad and Will were traveling for work last week, so G and I stayed with Nana for a few days. It was nice to be able to keep each other company, rather than being alone. Nana was gone during the day, so we made sure to keep ourselves busy. Lunch time has become pretty funny. He loves to dip everything in to ranch dressing. Who doesn't??? :)  Chicken nuggets and some fruit are a big staple in our house!

I know this is a random post, but I have been neglecting my big camera and I totally miss it! So, hence the random post and pictures to come!



 Dear Grayson,

You are such a smart and sweet boy. I can't believe I get the privilege of being your Mom. I just absolutely love spending my days with you. I am so tired at the end of the day, but so happy. I know there is no where else I should be. I can't wait to see if you with your brother or sister. You are going to be so excited that the baby comes home with us! I love you!

Dear Baby,

My stomach really popped this week. You give me lots of great punches and kicks in the evening. They are getting stronger and stronger. Do you hear your big brother talking to you? He says hi to you every day. You are so incredibly loved. Overall, I am feeling really well. I get a bit of back pain when we/I drive long distances, but nothing terrible. Getting so anxious to get in our new home and get your room set-up. I know it'll all be fine and you won't even know or care! :)  I love you!



I sit down at night, exhausted, but my heart filled to the brim. I start going over the day in my head. Laughing at the funny moments, savoring the sweet ones, and praying about the hard ones. I share these with Will. All while I start noticing little punches and kicks. A smile instantly comes to my face. Hey, little one. The first time all day I've had a moment to really sit down and concentrate on this precious little life.

It is true, chasing a toddler around has made this pregnancy just fly by. While pregnant with Grayson, we would often daydream of what life would be like adding this little one to our family. When we do have a few minutes to talk about the baby, it is often imagining Grayson with his sibling. I feel a deeper love and appreciation for this pregnancy. After experiencing it all with Grayson, I know how absolutely wonderful it all is.

In saying all of this, it is not to compare the pregnancies saying one is more special than the other. Just simply that it's different. Time changes and brings a new appreciation for it all. I am doing my best to remember the kicks and punches while I read Grayson a book. To remember Grayson coming up to my belly and giving baby a kiss with a little pat at the end. To remember the cars driven on my belly. Through the diaper changes, the toddler giggles, the library runs, and the park playdates. I remember that these were all of things we daydreamed about and now we are in the thick of this crazy, beautiful life with little ones.

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