Now that Grayson is a little older, I've been trying some new fun things for us to do. I've wanted him to finger paint for awhile now, but just didn't trust he was at a good age too. Last spring/summer would've been great because we could've gone outside, but he had just turned 1 and everything was going directly in his mouth.

In true Grayson fashion, he took it very seriously at first. Slowly dipping his finger in the paint & then on the paper. Once he started to get the hang of it he had paint all over his arms, hands and forehead. It was straight to the bath. Even with the mess on him and on parts of the chair & table, I just enjoyed watching him explore this new activity. The paint was also waterproof, so that helped clean-up tremendously.




It hit me the other day how drastically our days are about to change. This also happened when Grayson was born. We went from being just the two of us, to the three of us. This time feels a little different though. We feel a bit more confident welcoming a newborn into our family having done it once before this. Not to say there won't be hard times, but I know we will get in a routine, just like we did with Grayson. It's all just a matter of time.

Anyway- I wanted to document the best I could one of our days. This particular day was a little different than normal being that we are in a temporary apartment and it was a little chilly for our normal outdoor activities. We or I try to spend a lot of time outdoors, but the colder weather can stop those plans. I tried to take as many pictures as I could, when I remembered, but didn't do as well as I had hoped too. So here we go.

1.) We woke up and had a nice breakfast together before Will had to leave for work. Grayson has always been an early riser. We went through a long stretch where 5 a.m. was a normal wake-up for him. This particular day it was 5:40 a.m. Usually try to squeeze in my devotional & prayer.

2.) G helped me start a load of laundry after Will left (loves helping with laundry).

3.) I jumped in the shower for a super quick second. He is usually pretty good about letting me do this, although it has taken a bit. He will open the shower door, or run up and down the hallway, and/or pull all the toilet paper off the roll. But, I got a quick one in. A hot shower alone is for sure a big luxury in my book.

4.) While I got dressed, Grayson brushes his teeth and pretends to put lotion on his legs (ha!!! seriously) This day was a pajama day. He is pretty attached to his pj,s because a lot of them have trucks or cars or trains. Hard to get him out of them.

5.) We came out and folded some clothes + did some dishes that had piled up from the night before. Sometimes, mama is just too tired. G likes to help fold, but the dishes has been tricky in the apartment, so I usually set him up with an activity while I get that done.

6.) We were coming up on 7:30-8 when I noticed he was getting cranky and sleepy. He has been on one nap for awhile now, but since we've been back in Indiana there have been several days where he has needed two naps because of all the new & pretty loud noises at night. So, nap time it was.

7.) I was able to sit down for a minute and do a little research on house stuff.

8.) He slept about 1.5 and woke up SO much happier, which makes mama happy, too.

9.) I was able to get him out of his PJ's, but not in to new clothes yet- which was fine by me. It had been too long since he has been able to run around in a diaper, so mama wasn't complaining.

10.) I got us both a little snack while he played with some trucks on the table.

11.) We played together and then Will came back for some lunch. This is where my picture taking got a little off. Usually G is napping when Will eats lunch, so they were able to play together while I made some lunch and time just got away from me.

12.) After Will left, we headed outdoors, but had to bundle up for a little walk. It was chilly, but refreshing to get some air. Where we live currently is by an industrial area (hence the loud noises that I mentioned above) so we have a ton of semi-trucks going by. Grayson is in heaven. He talks about them our whole walk. Points out all the colors he sees and if they are going up or down. I usually let him out of the stroller for part of our walk, but today was just too cold.

13.) Since living in the apartment, I have had to find creative ways & not so creative ways to either keep us busy, or get us outside. One of these is walking to throw the trash away and then to check the mail. Grayson loves to hold our mail key and walk on the side walk next to me. He points out all the trucks he sees and then helps me unlock our mail. This day he got his new raincoat. :)

14.) After we got back, I put my phone down and totally forgot to take pictures of the rest of our afternoon. We played in his 'rice pit' which is just rice in a storage container (see my creativity there. haha!!) Then we started dinner, Will got back from work shortly after that. After dinner we played + read books. I did dishes and cleaned up the kitchen a little bit.

15.) By the time I remembered to take a picture, Grayson was in the bath already getting ready for bed.

I usually try to do one outing with him every other day or so. Walk, Library play, park, story time etc. depending on the season, too. But, since we have moved back and have been trying to sell our house, buy a house and live in this new town, activities have been hard to come by. It's all temporary, but has been challenging as well.

So, that's one of our days in a nutshell. Sorta. ;)  These days are long, and can be challenging, but they teach me so much.



I am 6 months pregnant now and the anticipation of meeting you is building every day. As the days become longer and winter becomes spring- you also are growing and teaching us something new every day. When so much of our life is on the go, chasing a toddler around- you teach us to slow down a little, teach us to cherish this time in our life.

A time that seems to drag by slowly, but we know that isn't the case. It's ironic to me that we look at your brother and pray for time to slow down, but we look at you and pray for time to speed up just a little. I constantly feel like I'm being pulled in that back and forth motion. Time is something there will never be enough of.

We love talking about you and dreaming about who you are. I feel such a strong connection to you. To know that God made you perfectly for our family. That you will fill a whole in our hearts that is missing. I am amazed and in awe. What a gift.

But, for now, we wait. We talk, we dream, we feel you move and kick. We thank God for you because you are perfectly and wonderfully made.

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