Let's be real though, Even on my good days of motherhood I will sit down at the end of the day and think about the things that went poorly, instead of thinking, "hey, we laughed a heck of a lot more than we cried." That's something to celebrate folks! So, when Jen, over at Into Your Will tagged me in 10 ways I AM rocking motherhood, I was happy to celebrate these 10 things and know that I'm not doing a bad job ;) even if there is always room for improvement!

1.) Sharing my faith: Grayson is just at the age where he is really 'grasping' certain things. He tries to do the sign of the cross by himself, he will kneel before he enters & when he leaves the pew. He loves to say 'Amen' & calls Church, "Jesus' House." He also said many times on Easter that, "Jesus died on the cross." Guys- he is only 2! How incredible. Of course, there is so much to teach him about our faith, but it is so rewarding and heart warming to see him to start doing these things on his own.

2.) Reading together: Whether they are our books or borrowed from the library, we read so many books through the day. Now that warmer weather is here, we take some outside, too. Now, a lot of the times I'll catch him flipping through books by himself. I cherish reading to him and hope it instills in him to love books.

3.) We have dinner making dance parties: Every Mom knows that 5p.m. hour is just so, so difficult. Usually the kids are just super whiney or need something, while you are also trying to get dinner made for everyone. It can be a serious challenge. I try to turn on some fun music and make sure we get some serious wiggles out. We laugh and laugh. Mostly I'm laughing at how cute he is dancing. ;)

4.) Teaching how to help: I can't take credit for all of this because our son has always loved to help. I think way more than most 2 year olds. He has his own broom, vacuum and outdoors toys, like shovels and a rake. Whenever we are using one around the house, he will run to get his or ask to help with ours. Of course when he asks to help it takes 10X longer, but I really don't mind. I always remind him what a good helper he is and that helping people out is so important.

5.) Praying for my children: I pray for them and their vocations in life. Whether it be their future spouses and families. What a beautiful thing to be able to do as their Mom.

6.) I let him get messy: Whether he is outside playing in the dirt, mud and sand. Or he is inside helping me bake some cookies and spills flour on the countertops. It's all part of being a kid and learning.

7.) I take a lot of pictures & videos: & keep them organized for them (& for me) My kids will never be able to say there aren't enough pictures of them! :) I just think it's so important for them to be able to look through pictures from their childhood or watch home movies and laugh at what they wore. etc.

8.) I show him I love his Dad: Whether through words or action, I think it's important my kids see just how much I love their Dad and how important our marriage is. Whether they hear us say, 'I love you' or 'I'm sorry.' Or even holding hands, hugging and a kiss. It's important they know our marriage is a priority and we are a team.

9.) I ask for forgiveness and say I'm sorry: Before I toot my horn too much, there are times when I raise my voice or don't handle the situation the best. I make sure I say I'm sorry to Grayson and I always, always pray for forgiveness from God and guidance on parenting.

10.) I make sure to tell both of my babies how much I love them: I don't think a kid can ever here that enough. Even as an adult now, when my own parents tell me they love me it brings a smile to my face. So, I am constantly telling both of my kids how much I love them and how we prayed for them. Our kids are such beautiful gifts from God.




We are getting down right giddy about meeting this baby soon. So soon!! Now that big brother's room is complete, I've started organizing the baby's room with the help of Grayson. Taking out the baby clothes that he used to wear is just so surreal. I am talking to him about all the fun things he can help do once baby is here (he loves to help) and all the toys he can show baby etc.. I just feel so blessed. Seeing Grayson put the babies Newborn diapers away, I had to fight back tears. We've got one foot firmly planted in toddlerhood, and another foot planted at the beginning of babyhood. It's just amazing. I know I sound like a broken record.

Being pregnant in warmerish weather has it's pros and cons. One, obviously you can spend time outdoors and aren't stuck inside. Which in return helps me keep moving. Chasing a 2 year old doesn't hurt either. Con, being hot and pregnant is just really not enjoyable. Maternity shorts and t-shirts this time around has been fun though!

I really feel great, though. Peeing a lot and I am feeling more tired. I am sleeping and dreaming a lot harder. There have been several times I've been dreaming like I'm being chased and I will wake Will up because I will scream loudly. I don't remember a lot of the dreams, just that I'm getting chased. Maybe that's a good thing! ha :)

Oh, I'm just soaking in these last couple of months. This has been such a sweet, sweet season of our lives. Carrying my children inside of me will hands down be the coolest thing I ever experience.



1, 1.5 & 2 years old.

How long do you think I can keep this tradition up for? I will be happy if we make it to 5 on the bike :) Maybe at 15 he will just sit by it? Okay, just kidding.. I wouldn't do that to him. Or would I?? ;)


^G still learning about smiling for the camera Ha!^

Will celebrated his 28th birthday! In the morning, it was just our family to start off. Grayson, baby & I were up early and made the birthday boy biscuits gravy + cinnamon rolls, while he 'slept' in. He opened his presents from us and had the yummy breakfast. We went to mass and came home to nap (Grayson), finish the deck railing (Will) and to get things set-up for our families to come over and celebrate (me).

This year we were able to have both of our families over for a little get together. Will grilled out and each family brought a side dish. The boys ran around in the yard to play. Low key, but so fun to have all of us together.
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