Well, the first two weeks of January were rough for us all. We got hit with sickness hard which interrupted the wonderful sleep we were getting. The kids had ear infections and Clara's was so bad for two nights she was up every two hours screaming in pain. It was awful to hear. We are slowly getting back to sleeping well. But, on top of the ear infection, she is cutting four teeth! The bottom ones are through the gums, and the top two teeth are almost through. We can tell she is in pain from that, too. Still taking 3 naps. Usually on the shorter end (20-45 minutes) especially due to illness/teeth.


The day before she turned 7 months, she took off crawling. We've been awaiting this milestone for what seems like forever. She's been up on her hands and knees and she decided she was ready! She is still getting her balance a little, and just this weeks mastered crawling on our hardwood floor. She is giving us a little time to figure out baby gates and to start re-modeling some of our railing that is not safe for her. Like I said above, she is working on four teeth. Two are in and two are about to come through. Hopefully she gets a little break for the next wave of teeth start.


We have backed off of baby food for the most part. With little interest and sickness/teeth, it's not worth forcing her if she isn't ready. She is growing fine and will eat the food when she's ready too! Size 5 diapers (!!!) 9 Month onesies are on their way out the door, 12 month onesies are fitting well. 9-12 month pants for the most part. Hair coming back dark, blue eyes. Needs to be chewing on something at all times. Does better in car seat, but still doesn't like to be over-tired and in the car seat. Still zooms around in her walker, and recently has found how much fun it is to kick our feet high in the air and then slam it back down. 












                                 ^eating a cookie we bribed him with to take these pictures^

Christmas Eve pictures after Mass!
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