One by one the pictures came off. Clothes started to be packed away. The house started to feel less and less like ours, even though we were very much still living in it. Toddlers and moving are two words that don't go well together. But, alas, here we are, our last night in our home. We already have showings for this weekend. I'm trying to detach myself emotionally from a house that has brought us so many memories in such a short time. It's hard, but I know that it'll be okay. Maybe not right away, but it will be.


To this young couple. Your life is about to change. It's going to be really hard. You are going to be pushed completely out of your comfort zone. Forced to get out. Forced to meet new people from all walks of life. You'll laugh a lot, you'll move a lot, try new dinners and some of those will burn and make your whole kitchen smell. You will ache for home, but you'll still be happy. You have each other. Not all of the experiences will be bad. Trying new activities & exploring a new area is exciting. Get out there, both of you. Don't be afraid. Yeah, maybe your ceiling in you apartment will fall on to all of your belongings and maybe you'll live below a crazy neighbor. It won't be funny at first, just give it a few months. All of that will pass. You will laugh about it. Then, a few months later, you'll find that God has given you the greatest gift of all- a child. Parents. You both are so giddy with excitement and anticipation. The first 3 weeks are hard, but so amazing at the same time. Look at that baby... no, really look at him. One day he'll be running at you guys full speed giggling like crazy. It's true, you'll blink. It's hard too. You'll depend on a lot of wonderful friends you meet in your new town. They become like your family. They love your baby like their own. You'll get hard phone calls from home. Wishing you could be a little bit closer, but life isn't always easy. Oh, and Ally, you start a photography business. It comes at the perfect time in your life when you need something good. One day, as you are living for a photoshoot you realize your pants are tighter than normal. Two days later, the test confirms what you already know. You are expecting your second baby. You will spend holidays & birthdays away from family and friends. Yes, they are more quiet, but wonderful in every way. You find a town that really feels like home. Each of you embrace it openly. Bike rides, running, visits to festivals, park dates and evening walks. It will not be easy to leave, but it's time.
You both should be proud.
You have grown individually, as a couple and as a family.



We are moving next weekend and we have been doing so much reminiscing about our time in Illinois, but also in our house. I keep saying it's bittersweet, and I know that's cliché to say, but find me another word because that's how we feel to a T.

Linking up with Kelly! & in no particular order.....

1.) Closing on our house. We were so happy on that day. G had just turned a 1 year old, so tiny!

2.) Grayson learning to walk- also, incredibly cute and so funny.


3.) Updating our kitchen- a lot of work, but totally worth it! I will miss this Kitchen so much. Notcing a theme here???

4.) Celebrating the Holidays/Birthdays

Mother's Day 2016

Easter 2016

Will's 27th birthday!

5.) Watching G  push his tractor for forever. I mean he must have logged some serious miles through summer & fall with this tractor.

6.) Our Garden- AKA tomato central. We were still getting tomatoes in November!

7.) Finding out we were expecting baby #2!!

Of course there are a million more I could've added, but these stood out the most. I know I will probably cry 20 more times before we leave, but I also know I will be so happy to be back in Indiana.

"How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." -Winnie the Pooh



I'm in the toddler trenches. Toddlerhood is such a funny little world. I've experienced some of my highest highs as a parent, to some of my lowest lows...all in a matter of ten minutes. Toddlers are so sweet, adorable, and funny, but in a switch of a hat for what seems like no apparent reason, they jerk their heads back with a loud scream and tears that just won't end.

My sweet guy is no exception. I didn't really consider Grayson a full on toddler until 17-18 months. Something changed in his face and demeanor. It all felt so different and foreign than the baby stage. If I'm honest, the last few months have been particularly hard. Of course there as been lots of joy, and happiness and maybe it's just me, but those happy and joyful moments fly out of my brain and I tend to focus on the three meltdowns we had that day.

I just feel like altogether we are in a new phase of parenting. Every decision we make will some how affect him in the future, whether negatively or positively- we don't know. The last couple of weeks in particular Will and I have spent a good bulk of our time researching and discussing a few different things. First being his whining. I know this is a natural phase for his age, but man it's so, so hard. The second being his play environment/toy situation. I plan on doing a separate blog post on this, but we are slowly (& I know a little late to be starting) making a switch to Montessori. Wish I would've done this sooner, because I've already noticed little differences in him. He thrives in environments that aren't overwhelming to him.

Like I said, it's not all bad. There are some really beautiful moments of hugs, kisses, big belly laughs, talking to the baby etc.. It's just new and different. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that parenthood is completely sanctifying.




Last week was a little crazy because my cravings for the world's juiciest hamburger/ chocolate milkshake came back. I waited a day to see if they would die down, but the next day, Grayson and I had to go on a little date to Wendy's to satisfy momma. It was actually really fun. I also have weirdly enough been craving diet coke (??) This totally baffles me. I've never been a 'coke' or 'pop' drinker, but by golly, diet coke on ice is what baby wanted. I don't even know?

The kicks/punches have been getting stronger, still pretty light in comparison to what's to come, but still earlier than with Grayson. Second pregnancy so far is pretty exhausting. Obviously chasing a toddler around all day was tiring when I wasn't pregnant, but now I have moments throughout the day where I have to sit down and relax for a little bit. So far, we've been getting lots of, 'it's a girl,' comments. Even my Dad noted that something is different about this pregnancy and he thinks it's a girl. So far, we would have to agree.

Grayson has been even more adorable about the baby. Lately, each morning he comes up and kisses my belly while he is giving me a hug. It's so cute. Of course, right after that he starts playing the drums on my belly. ;) Siblings....

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